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Comparative market analysis to determine the fair market value when selling, buying or renting.

By comparing recently sold or rented properties, I compare based on neighbourhood, size and age to determine what the fair market value is. 


Strategy when setting the price for purchasing, selling or renting.

I work with you in making the process as efficient as possible.


Professional photos when listing a property.

I value high quality photos to best represent your property.


Marketing the property when selling or renting.

Promoting your property to as many potential buyers or renters is my priority, as a real estate broker I have access to online tools to reach this objective.


Document verification when buying

It is important to make sure nothing is missed when purchasing a property, which is why I value detailed verification of documents so that no surprises occur. 


Negotiate when selling or buying.


In this market, it is important to take smart and strategic steps when presenting an offer, managing multiple offers or potential offers. 

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